Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing People

Hi Marston, I wonder if you could post this to help locate some of my classmates from CCHS, Thanks Murray Penney

The following is a Quote:

I hope that all of you had a great summer!

We took 2 of our grand-sons to Toronto for a week taking in Wonderland and the Ontario Science Centre as well as a tour in downtown Toronto and in Lake Ontario on board an amphibus. All in all everyone had a great time!

I am enclosing a list of "missing" 1958 alumni and would greatly appreciate your help in providing email addresses or civic addresses or phone numbers for any of them and I will gladly do the follow-up:

Cruickshank, Carolyn Nancy

Cuthbert, Stewart

Dallaire, Stewart

Eddisford, Ruth Thelma

England, Edward "Ted"

German, Aline Ruth

Hammond, Betty

Harwood, Marilyn Ann

Hewitt, Earle Stanley

Jorgenson, Linda

Keefe, Lynfield

Lawrence, Marie

LeBlanc, Jeanette "Janet"

Lockwood, Patricia

Maule, Denise

McGowan, Charlotte

McLean, James "Jim"

Metcalfe, Sandra Maureen

Moorhouse, Gail Elizabeth

Morrison, David

Muller, Ruth Dorothy

Nagy, Louis Frank

Nehar, Howard

Parham, Lindon

Plummer, Carol Jean

Powell, Jim

Rawlings, Beverley Lois

Renwick, Barbara Ione

Ross, Wm Henry "Billy"

Ryder, Roslyn

Sanders, George

Sinclair, Brian

Smith, Susan Kennedy

Strike, Joan Eleanor

Suffield, Doug

Toy, Kenneth William

Vilven, Margaret Florence

Vincent, Jean Elizabeth Rachel

Vosburgh, Judy Ronda

Warren, David George "Dave"

Whalen, Penelope Anne "Penny"

Thanks and have a great year!

John Ernst

1958 Class Rep


Thanks Murray and John

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