Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mississquoi Bay

Like many Parkers we too summered at Mississquoi Bay. While most speak of being in the Venice area our family would rent cottages from my aunt and uncle, the O'Neils. Most of the cottages are long gone however the "Big Red House" as we called it has now been disassembled and relocated to a historic site. The O'Neil property was, and still is at the corner of the bay road and what is now O'Neil Ave.

There was a small grocery (Depanneur) on the property which was run by Mr. and Mrs. Bell. Before that it was run by my grandmother Hawkins.

As kids we would sit around the bonfire and our parents would tell us stories about the British General who originally built the "Big Red House". The story was that the General had befriended the local natives and they would come to trade at his home. One evening while they were visiting the General invited them to stay the night since ith was to dark to canoe back to their village. Not accustomed to the luxury of a house the natives bed down in the livingroom. It was cold that evening and to keep warm they built a fire in the middle of the floor nearly destroying the house.

How true is this story? I'm still not sure. The Hawkins and O'Neil families were known as great orators of fantasy.... however there must be some truth to the General as for the Indians... possibly.

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