Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ottawa '09 - Saturday picnic and dinner

Photo 1 – Red Drummond, David Fraser, Bill Hinks, Ken Jeary, Gail Dever and Alan Houle.

Photo 2 – Back row: Bruno Schwartz, Bill Hinks, Alan Houle. Front row: GaleAnne (Taylor) Schwartz, Betty and Red Drummond and Ken Jeary.

Photo 3 – Red Drummond, Stan Sheppard and Alan Houle.

Photo 4 – The Park Aires – Stan Sheppard (standing), Red Drummond, Ken Jeary and Bill Hinks. There were so many camera flashing when they posed for this photo, you would swear that the Beatles were back together! Can hardly wait until Greenfield Park’s centennial celebrations in 2011 when they will perform once again on stage.

Gail Dever

(Alan Houle’s wife)

Thanks Gail D and Alan H

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