Monday, September 21, 2009

Ottawa Reunion '09 - Dinner Dance

After dinner, everyone got their groove on...

Photo 1 – Alan Houle and the divine dancer, Betty Drummond, hit the dance floor swinging.

Photo 2 – Brenda (Fielding) Knight danced with enthusiastic encouragement from Bruno and GaleAnne (Taylor) Schwartz and John Geraghty in the background.

Photo 3 – Brenda (Fielding) Knight then found herself surrounded by men who can boogie, including GaleAnne (Taylor) Schwartz’s husband, Bruno, on the far right.

Photo 4 – John Geraghty can also cut a rug and found himself surrounded by several happy dancers, including his beautiful wife and Normand Simard’s lovely Louise on the far right.

Gail Dever

Thanks Gail D

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