Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reply to Hemmingway

If Werenchuk is Hemingway

Then I am Dr Seuss, I say.

From Royal George I did graduate

As many know it was only grade 8.

Our Mr. Brown broke out in song

Mr. Hawkins was here much too long.

From there I went to MIT

That’s Montreal Institute of Technology.

I learned the art of Baffle Gab

From Uncles, Aunts and my very own Dad.

T’was at St Lambert Elementary I wrote the book

On “How to Skip School”…. was my hook.

In NDG I lived for some time

Hung with Jewish kids in my prime.

With Catholic Dad and Protestant Mother

I consider all to be my Brother.

Now to all you Parkers I do send

Best of wishes for this coming weekend.

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