Saturday, September 19, 2009

Words of gratitude from Calgary

I was introduced to your blog a couple of months ago after my sister sent me the link, there was an article about the ‘big rock’, which is in her yard on Springfield.

I was really touched to read your tributes to my Uncle George, and then to look at the photos of the service today, meant a lot to me, to see pics of my dad standing there, and my cousin Deb, etc. I so wanted to be there yesterday. Seeing your pics meant everything.

Thanks for your blog, and your wonderful words about my uncle. I sure loved that man.

Take Care

Tracey Sweeney

(my body is in Calgary, but my heart will always be in the Park)

Thanks Tracey S.... our thoughts are with you and your family at this time.... The intent of the blog is to keep Parkers in contact with one another through pictures, stories and news.... I am sure I may speak for both Marty and Normand when I say it is expressions of gratitude such as yours that make the effort they put into the blog all worthwhile.

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