Monday, October 12, 2009

The Commode

Well Folks, as you can see in the photo above there are two commodes in Italian bathrooms. Pat and I were quite taken aback by this since we feel the bathroom is not meant for interactive duties. It was not until our second day in Fiuggi that we realized the true purpose of the second commode...... its a "foot bath", thats right folks a "foot bath".

The head of the household sits on "The Throne" and places their feet in the bath while the workers kneel and wash, massage and dry the monarch's feet. Pat and I tried it and believe me folks it is not easy. After the third day my knees hurt like heck from kneeling on the marble tile. However the hotel concierge was very accommodating and sent Jimmy the gardener to take over my duties......

This morning Pat suggested we install a foot bath and hire a gardener..... Jimmy arrives next month.

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