Sunday, October 25, 2009

GPK Old Timers Hockey Tournament

#1 Some local parkers refreshing after their game
#2Visiting team from Ile-Bizard, QC.
#3 Some parkers laughing it up (LtoR) Pat Leonard, Gerald Demick, Chris Frame & Pete Boileau
#4 Volunteer ticket sales gals (LtoR) Lisa Dubuc, Tanya Gowie & Sue Rasmussen.

Thanks Marlene & Ross

Photos # 1 & 2 are the Knowlton Knights.They have been in the tournament for years & travel approx. 140miles a day to participate in the event traveling from Knowlton/Brome Lake. They bring their families with them. Real dedication
#3&4 Some parkers enjoying after game chat

Thanks Marlene & Ross

Some more pics of the charity event.

#1Another day of kitchen duty. L to R: Roxanne Leader, Heather Murphy, Penny Murphy, ? , Betty Menary & Donna Main.

#2 Local park guys doing bar duty. L to R. Raymond Lee, Wade Wilson & Patty Leonard.

#3 Volunteers (L to R) Drew Smith, Charlie Clark & Ross Noseworthy.

#4 Some of the volunteer refs (LtoR) Steve Goodall, Danny Lamoureux, Glenn Weir & Danny Tonner.

Thanks Marlene & Ross

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