Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip


Took in the rodeo this afternoon and I swear these are the same bulls I saw in Alberta. Looked like the same riders too.

Well just down the road a few clicks is Lumsden. What a contrast. The annual event here is the running of the Yellow Rubber Duckies. Its a Derby to raise funds that the town has become famous with. Every body buys a rubber duckie with a number on it. Then the Duckie goes into a metal cage that is lifted up into the air by a massive

crane. Then it gets dumped into the Qu'Appelle River along with a few thousand others. Every body then rushes down stream to a designated spot to see whose Duckie crosses the finish line first. The winner takes home a handsome jack pot, while the rest spend the afternoon trying to retrieve their duckie so that it won't become a none biodegradable waste hazard.

The whole thing starts off with the parade, vintage cars, clowns, just like I described happens in all the other prairie towns.

This is more my speed, at least there is no danger of loosing your hearing even if you loose your Duckie

Many years ago when we lived in Regina, we used to get together and rent vegetable garden plots from the farmers near Lumsden. Our plot was 40 ft by 80 feet. Grew enough veggies to last all winter and the soil is perhaps the finest and most fertile anywhere in the world. So were the mosquitoes.



Thanks Doug

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