Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip


Report 61

Mile * 2099 Kms

I went by Tregarva, Saskatchewan and there is no one home...,no people, no buildings, no old houses nothing.

There used to be a grain elevator and a photo was taken before it was demolished, Nov 10 1999, so I'm ten years late and a load short. ( people been saying that for years)

The photo did inspire a person by the name of "Lez" " to make a "quilt square " and it captured it impressively well...

There is a book called " How the Scots invented the world" Great reading. It supports the theory that no matter what happened in the world, inventions, discoveries, colonizing, The American Constitution, yep, the Scots were involved.

The same thing is true about Tregarva. Back in the 18oo's they had already been in Canada for over 100 years and were the movers and shakers in the North West Trading Company. But back home, in the outer Hebrides and highlands, they cleared out the "crofters" or farmers whom they considered to be surplus population, packed them into ships and dropped them off in Saskatchewan in clusters of Colonies. The weather was so bad that many of them failed so the Scots scattered to other parts of the Province. ( No many choices as they couldn't go home). This was one of the places they came to.

Many of the Metis were descendants of Scots, It was William MacTavish that suggested they form their own government. (Remember the Louis Riel thing?) And guess who sent in the troops to stop them? None other than another wily Scot by the name of John A McDonald!.

By 1911, of the million Scots and descendants in Canada, 282,000 were in western Canada and over 70,000 were in Saskatchewan.

So lots to think about while I peddle the next 15 Kms to the Queen City, Regina.

For instance the great unsolved and often debated question

A man is in the middle of the forest, and he expresses his opinion out loud. His mother in law is not there to hear him, Question; IS HE STILL WRONG ?

I guess which side you line up on depends on whether you are the expressor or the expressee

The flickers are still flicking, lots of bugs for them to eat this year. Horses in the valley look like a fund raising calendar... Life is beautiful... Especially when I consider I don't have to pull one of these Red River Carts. You remember these are the ones that you couldn't grease the axles on. You could hear them for miles when the wooden axles would bind on the wooden hubs. This is one by the highway though, looks like it squawked its last squeak

Catch you later

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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