Friday, October 09, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip

Hi Marston

Report 62

Mile 2120 Kms

" Unless your T.V. screen suddenly goes red and flashes a warning, the sky always predicts the weather so that’s where you look. Keep your eye on the sky " No one tells you that on the prairies, you just do it!.

. Last week for example, we were so hot we felt summer was never going to end. But today the sky was grey and the clouds were really scooting along. By afternoon

we were having snow squalls. No surprise, every one took their coats with them when they left this morning.. The sky determines if you go out on the highway without snow tires, what you wear, how you plan your day's activities.. As I mentioned, it takes up 2/3 rds of the prairie landscape and therefore 2/3 rds of your attention. Its part of the western psyche.

I'm just arriving at the Legislative building in Regina. It's situated on Wascana Lake. The original name for this area was Wascana which in Cree meant " Pile of Bones"

The pile of bones came from the Buffalo that had been shot and left to rot by the early hunters. It meant the death of life as the natives knew it. After the buffalo went so did they. More about that later

The sky says its going to be cold tomorrow. Cold is O.K down to minus 10 Celsius, after that your hands and feet won't warm up. When it gets down to that point consistently, I will pack it in for the winter. We will take it day by day..

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