Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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report # 65

Regina Saskatchewan 2009

Well the weather is holding for a while. This feels and looks like autumn, but I don't think we'll squeeze much more out this adventure. We have already had one heavy snow fall and the sky is telling me it won't be long before another..

Regina is very different from the Regina we knew when we lived here 31 years ago. At that time every one wore bumper stickers reading " Will the Last one out of Saskatchewan, please turn off the lights"

Today the city looks prosperous and is weathering the economic storm very well thank you. Its the potash that keeps it going. The fact they have uranium, coal, diamonds and oil doesn't do them any harm either.

There are about 200,000 Regina-ites and they are as diversified as any other big city. Two thirds of the population of the Province live in the cities today a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down. Even former residents of Alberta, the former " PLACE TO BE" are quietly slipping across the border and finding employment in Regina.

Old buildings, relics of the past still hold their charm, looking dignified and impressive among the new including everything from the high rise Saskatchewan Government Insurance to the L.D.S. Temple. The center Street, Albert still crosses the original damn made to form Wascana Lake, the center feature of the city. The parliament building sit on it shores, as do most of the citizen-ary from time to time. The park that saw riots in the 19 th. century, now feature trees and monuments to enjoy in its tranquility.

When I look at the map, or over the horizon, there is not another significant town before Brandon, Manitoba and there is no way I am going to make it there before the snow blows. I think I will head back to Moose Jaw, about 75 kms due east on the number 1 highway. There are some tunnels that Al Capone used back in the prohibition days that I could probably explore until I wind up this year exploring.

See you there

Doug G

Thanks Doug

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