Friday, October 30, 2009

Hat to GPK Virtual Trip

Hi Marston

Before I sign off for the year, I have to mention the street drawings by world famous pavement artist Edgar Mueller even here in Moose Jaw... Incredible stuff..

As for the real world, its getting towards the end of the season. Farmers have piled up their excess grain in open fields as their bins are all full. They will ship that grain first. Meanwhile the snow is moving in on the highway and I can feel it in me bones.....

So this is it for this year, I'm out of here to put my feet up by the warm hearth

Over 2000 kms through the back yards and roads of Alberta and Saskatchewan for 2009 and 68 reports.

2010 should give me a good chance to cover Manitoba and Ontario.

Then in early 2011, we should have only to cover the East end of Ontario and the West side of Quebec where they meet, on the final leg to Greenfield Park.

At least thats the plan.

I hope some of you have enjoyed this trip so far, I certainly have

Have a good season

Doug G

Thanks Doug,

It has been very much appreciated and all of your work has not gone unnoticed. The history lessons and pics are memorable. Have a good warm Winter and enjoy a break as it is well deserved.

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