Monday, October 05, 2009

More on the Sundborgs

Hi Marty, just to add to Swinnie's note on the Sundborgs, I can remember as a four-year old watching all five of the Sundborg brothers walking down Murray Ave in their uniforms at the end of WWII, in addition to both George and Jim MacDonald who also lived on that stretch of Murray from Third to Regent.

If I remember correctly Ralph also pitched in the Snowdon Fastball League ,the top league in the city which had a number of Americans playing in the league as well. One thing I remember well was that the Sundborgs for a while raised minks in their back "40".

As kids, we members of the "Third Street Gang" would sneak down the bank of Charles Creek to a point where the cages were located and reach up with sticks to tease the little devils.

They were vicious little animals and would attack anything. Another memory is of the son of one of the Sundborg sisters Stanley "butch" Newbury was a classmate of mine for a few years until about grade four.


Hi Marty,

Cliff Walker sent me an e-mail about an important fact about Ralph Sundborg--his nickname was "Chase" and the urban myth about the nickname was that it derived from the "Chase and Sanborn" coffee that was pretty popular at the time and it wasn't a long stretch to "Chase and Sundborg" and then "Chase Sundborg"-- perhaps Win has the answer.


Thanks John

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