Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More on the Sundborgs

As mentioned, Ralph was my brother-in-law and as I only had one I certainly lucked out as he was an outstanding guy and it was great to be around him. He was tougher than nails but you would never know it by the way he treated everyone he came into contact with!!

Cliff Walker is quite correct when he says that the Chase name came from Chase and Sanborn coffee. But what most people don't know is that someone came up with that name because a lot of Ralph's friends and fastball buddies spoke mostly French and they had a hell of a time trying to pronounce Ralph - it kept coming out as Raff - hence the name Chase which everyone could get their tongue around!!

Ralph did play in the Snowdon League which, I would say, was the best fastball ever played in the province. At one time he played for Tip Top Tailors and they really enjoyed any game against Dow Breweries as the Dow sales manager attended those games and the local watering hole would be crowded till the wee hours in the morning thanks to that sales guy - a lot of players would miss a day's pay but consider that it was worth it!! ..........Ah - those were the days my friend!!


Thanks Win

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