Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Sundborgs

I'm sure that many Gfpkers will remember the bottom part of Murray Ave. just above Regent St., this was commonly known and referred to as ""Sundborg Acres"" as this section of the street was where the original Sundborg homestead stood - the family had just enough property to raise much of their own vegetables and chickens and such -

Mr. and Mrs. Sundborg raised six boys and I believe five girls (at least that's all I can remember) - Stan, Fred, Vic, Les and Bernie all joined the services at the beginning of the war(they didn't wait to be asked) and all returned healthy and in one piece.

The boys purchased land adjacent to the old homestead and started raising little Sundborgs - there must have been four or five Sundborg houses in a row!! The sixth son was my brother in law, Ralph, who was too young to follow his brothers overseas.

If I remember correctly Fred was middleweight boxing champion in the Canadian Army and Ralph, being the youngest followed in his brother's footsteps and ended up winning the Montreal Golden Gloves boxing trophy a couple of times -

but Ralph's first love was Fastball and became one of the very best pitchers in Quebec. He pitched almost every weekend at different tournaments (plus during the week) and I remember him telling me that he very often made more money in one weekend then he did working all week at his regular job!!

Although I can only speak for Ralph being a great guy, with many friends and plenty of fun times - I also heard many stories about all the Sundborg clan and how well liked and respected they were!!

With Vic's passing - he was the last survivor of the "Sundborg Six" - May they all rest in peace - they did Greenfield Park Proud!!


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