Friday, October 23, 2009

Swinnie's Photos

Hi Marty, Swinnie's photos of the "Rock" and especially The Western Brook Pond (Canada's only Fjord) reminded me of when Diane and I took that same boat tour back in 1992. On the boat we began talking to a couple of young people and learned about one of the really unique services offered.

At the north of the fjord is the Gros Morne wilderness. Hikers wishing to hike into the forest must have a special permit. Depending on your skill level you can take the boat down to the end of the lake and debark.

If you are a very experienced hiker you can offload and hike out to civilization but if you are less experienced then your ticket is registered with the time that you must be back at the dock for the return trip(usually 24 hrs later) .

If the hiker is not at the dock at the specified time the search begins.


Thanks John

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