Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Hi Marty................A few of the bloggers (and others) have been asking me when I would start sending in some photos of our summer road trip to the maritimes (especially Newfoundland) .............I've been waiting for my computer to stop acting up and giving me a headache - Ann has reminded me that it's becoming a relic and ready for a replacement, but I will persevere and try to send some photos to the blog.....I may however have to bite the bullet and replace the old bugger!!

We left London on July 11th and after a few days in "the Park" arrived in New Brunswick...........Attached are some pictures we took at Hopewell Rocks, N.B. on the Bay of Fundy that I'm sure most of you know have the highest tides in the world!!

Most of these photos were taken when the tide was out and the mud flats, beaches and seaweed can easily be seen - the last few pics. are as the tide is coming in - it is really something to behold as everyone is told that they should start to leave the area or be prepared to be a little damp!!

There was still about one hour before high tide but we decided to get on our way to Springhill, Nova Scotia to check out the coal mines and the Anne Murray Museum.

More to follow. ................ Win

Thanks Win

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