Friday, October 16, 2009

Win's Road Trip

We arrived in Sydney on July 15th and before taking a motel and having our first seafood meal (not the greatest - but we made up for it later) we took a drive around the City of Sydney and took some pics of the notorious "Tar Ponds" - Canada's answer to the "Love Canal" in upper New York State!! - Sydney had a steel mill and Love Canal had chemical plants, which are now a thing of the past, that over the years they both just dumped the sludge into the surrounding lands and waters and ended up causing high rates of cancer for the people living in the immediate areas. Many lawsuits are pending in Sydney but up to now I don't think much has been awarded to the suffering families - The federal government has been working on the problem of cleaning up this site which will cost in the billions - Sydney has been waiting for the "Pick & Shovel" for a few decades now and still nothing is being done!!

We took a drive (very short distance) to Glace Bay - over the years this small town has produced some of Canada's very best Little League Baseball players who have represented us at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Penn. Also, Glace Bay is just about as far east as you can go on Mainland North America - Of course Cape Spear, Newfoundland is the absolute most easterly point. - We eventually ended up there also!!

Prior to leaving on this road trip our eldest daughter Colleen stated that if we thought we were heading to Newfoundland without her then we had better do some rethinking 'cause she was joining us!! She arranged a flight from Toronto to Sydney and on the morning of July 16th we picked her up at the airport and the three amigos then went onto the next stage of our "Excellent Adventure".

We drove to the ferry terminal in North Sydney where we got in line to board our car on the "Atlantic Vision" the newest of the three ferries in service. Attached are a few photos of the terminal and local musical talent that kept our interest playing typical "Down East" music and song. The sailing was a couple of hours late in leaving which we were told was nothing unusual - the Government still own the ferries but private concerns run the day to day operations and we all know that "private companies" don't move an inch unless there is monies to be made!!

There are three levels on board for cars, motorhomes, tractor trailers etc. ......As luck would have it we ended up as far down in the belly of the vessel as one can go so of course we were some of the last cars to be offloaded in Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland. The crossing took about four and a half hours and if I remember correctly it's about 180 km (110 Mi.)..........Later on our trip I met a guy who turned out to be cop with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and after having a few drinks with him he got talkative and told me that the reason you can not return to your vehicle after it is parked on board and you proceed to the upper decks is because they have dogs trained to sniff out drugs and every unit on board is checked for anything illegal !! - Not too many people know this but now a whole bunch of us know it!!....... and here I thought it was because of possible theft from any unlocked vehicles!!.

The last pic. is of North Sydney which we would not see again for 12 days.


Thanks Win

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