Saturday, October 17, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Let me start out today by saying that there are a few reasons why I send "Ann & Winston's travel adventures" to the blog......first, and very importantly, Marty is always looking for contributions to the blog..........Photos will hopefully bring back pleasant memories for those of you who have traveled to the Maritimes.............Photos and commentary may be helpful to those that are planning a trip down east...............Others may just be interested in seeing photos of Newfoundland etc. just to see what the fuss is all about!!..............I've had feedback re all of the above.........But another reason I do it is for strictly selfish reasons, you see, I get to live the trip all over again!!.........Oh what memories!!!

Our vessel the "Atlantic Vision" for whatever reason would not leave port until a sister ship the "Caribou" arrived. The crossing to Newfoundland was very smooth and unless you looked out a window you seem to forget you're moving on the ocean. The dining room was very comfortable and the food was great..........There was also a large lounge area with entertainment and a bar, but of course, as a few of you know, I wouldn't get involved in anything like that!!

You will notice in one of the photos the ocean with land and mountains - that, my friends, was our first sighting of Newfoundland - I noticed many passengers out on deck for their first look!! There is also a pic. of Port Aux Basque, however I got much better ones on the way off the island 12 days later.

While on the crossing we were told, by more than one person, that we should be very careful while driving the highways in Nfld. and always keep an eye out for Moose - Of course I'm saying to myself,"Sure, sure, same old, same old" but boy was I wrong!! We exited the ferry just as the sun was setting and we started our first driving experience to our initial destination, Cornerbrook. By the time we had traveled approx. 80/90 km. it was totally night time and quite dark out. As we rounded a bend in the highway there in the opposite lane was a minivan smashed badly in the grill with steam pouring out, the rear up in the air and it's tires resting on a dead unfortunate moose!! - Police etc. were there within minutes - some injured but not killed. From then on we had respect for the driving conditions and each section of the island posted just how many deaths had occurred so far this year in that particular area by hitting these huge animals!! I have a great story about our run-in with a really big bull moose we encountered later on in our trip -Later I'll explain and show a few photos!!

The next morning I glanced out our hotel room window and there was downtown Cornerbrook and the far off mountains which gave us our first look at snow in July.- Just like Alberta and British Columbia the mountains are so high the snow never leaves totally.

We left the Trans Canada Highway at Deer Lake and headed N/W on hwy 430 aka The Viking Trail - It heads north for approximately 300 kms to St. Anthony - actually a little further north, to lands-end which is L'anse aux Meadows - the first Viking Settlement in North America AD1000. (Photos Later)

Shortly after entering the Viking Trail we arrived at Gros Morne National Park, this place rivals any of the other Canadian Parks with it's beauty!! We had lunch in Rocky Harbour and got our first glimpse of typical fishing boats and lobster traps etc. which we were soon to find out are all over the island!!


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