Sunday, October 18, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Our next stop after Rocky Harbour was Lobster Cove (gotta love the names all over the island) a cute little place with a really nice light house - The next shot is a far off photo of Western Brook Pond which we had planned to visit that day but the weather was threatening so we decided to continue north towards St. Anthony and hope for a completely clear day to see this outstanding landlocked fjord on the way back south on the Viking Trail.

You will note a few pics. of what is named THE ARCHES - simply amazing and probably a gazillion years old - who knows for sure!! The next pic. is of a cod and lobster packaging plant - those containers are loaded off the fishing boats and brought to the plant for processing!! ............The next photograph, I feel, really captures the heart and soul of the Newfoundland people - a hard working fisherman labouring on his dory - he will soon head out in search of his catch!!

We stopped in a shipyard where there was dozens and dozens of fishing vessels in dry-dock - most in for repair and a few that will never see the ocean again!!

We stayed at the Plum Point Motel that night and were booked in for two nights which allowed us to travel north to St. Anthony and L'anse aux Meadows (Viking Site) in one day and then backtrack south to much better weather and one of "The Gems" on the island - The amazing fjord called Western Brook Pond.

The last photo was taken in St. Barbe - that's Ann asking about ferry schedules for the crossing to Labrador - just couldn't fit it into our schedule but did see the Labrador ferry on the way back from L'anse aux Meadows. - Later -

Tomorrow some really interesting pics. of the Viking Village!!


Thanks Win

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