Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Win's Road Trip

When we returned to the visitor's center (it was a welcomed change from the cold/wet/miserable weather outside) they have a really impressive display of dug-up treasures and replicas of Viking ships and such - there is no doubt that the findings are of Norwegian origin as much of the same objects are found all over Greenland where these sailors originated from some one thousand years ago!!

The photo of the walkway between the two works of art - it was explained to us that the one on the right side was done by a Norwegian and the left by a North American native - it supposedly represents "East meeting West" - the mountain out over the water was probably the first land sighting for the Vikings after traveling 1200 nautical miles from Greenland. As the story goes the Norwegian authorities, way back when, gave Greenland it's name thinking the "Green part" would help entice Norwegians to go and live there, build settlements and raise families and such, all in the name of the King!! - Interesting eh!!

We got a laugh out of the fact that our GPS was indicating "No More Land Ahead" - First time that's happened............The photo of Ann standing on the porch of the most northerly dwelling of Newfoundland - It was also the last restaurant - Aaah - iced cold beer!!!

We then back-tracked on the Viking Trail to our motel in Plum Point.


Thanks Win

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