Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Check out the name of the small motel just outside St. Anthony..........Is this a family name or some of that Newfoundland sense of humour we hear about??!!.......Man, you've gotta love this people!!....... We stopped in St. Anthony seeing that it was the most northerly town in Nfld. - check out the airport - didn't even see a plane on the ground!! - That next pic. is of a vegetable garden on the side of the highway - they are absolutely everywhere - the fences are to keep the animals like deer, moose and such out!! Another interesting story that we were told about these gardens - Years ago, before pavement, way back when the government first started to lay a proper gravel road for the people living way up there - as they dug out really good earth in order to lay gravel the locals used this earth to grow crops right there on the side of the highway - believe me they are everywhere on the Viking Trail !!.

When we arrived back at our motel in Plum Point we drove back to St.Barbe to watch the ferry arriving from Labrador - the crossing takes about two/three hours, depending on weather - when you get there you have about 40/50 km. of road heading north to a small inlet called Red Bay, there it ends - "End of Story" - Kinda thought better of it and decided to head further south the next morning to one of Newfoundland truly amazing treasures - honestly I can't say enough about this place - it rivals our Canadian Rockies and the Canyons in Arizona and Utah.............something all Newfoundlanders and Canadians should be proud of!!

You will note a couple of photos of the walking trail leading into Western Brook - the trail is approximately 3km long and a good portion is walking through bog - if you were to step off the pathway you would be up to your ankles in muck - this bog was formed over millions of years and is responsible for separating the ocean from what eventually became a fresh water lake.

Here are a few pictures of the two tour boats that they have - they were actually flown in by helicopter in sections as there are no roads leading to the landlock fjord.

I was really impressed by what the photos will show tomorrow - but there is nothing like being there in person!! ......If you can, treat yourself to a little piece of paradise!!


Thanks Win

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