Thursday, October 22, 2009

Win's Road Trip

After about 20 minutes of open water the boats entered what I can only describe as a giant bathtub - the granite mountainous walls average 2,200 ft. from the water to the summit!! There are five sets of water falls - some of them actually empty into the fjord - It took about an hour and a half for our boat to make the circle and all of the cameras on board never stopped clicking!! - truly amazing!! - There's a restaurant, restrooms and gift shop at dockside - Man, what an experience - the sound of the waterfalls, the totally fresh air, the occasional eagle - This is a "must see" for anyone visiting "THE ROCK".

We continued S/E back onto the Trans-Canada Highway and stayed overnight in Grand Fall/Windsor and early the next morning drove up to Twillingate for our first encounter with icebergs!!


Thanks Win

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