Friday, October 23, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Upon arriving in Twillingate the first thing you notice is how well kept the buildings and private residences are. It seems everyone takes great pride in their possessions - Actually we found that just about everywhere on the island!!

We took a tour with the "Iceberg Man" - We were out in the open ocean for about 30 mins. when we approached a shoreline with large rocky hills - We sailed around them into a large inlet and there they were - a half dozen or so icebergs - It was explained to us that they had drifted into this area in late April or early May and had been melting since then!! - They were still mighty impressive and the different colours and shapes were really something!!.

The captain had his helper pull chucks of ice from the water with a fish net and when we got back into port we were all offered as much ice as we wished. - There is a photo of our daughter Colleen with a chunk - it was explained to us that the ice was approximately ten thousand years old - it had to be the freshest I've ever tasted!!

The town lighthouse was really weird - shaped kinda like a milk bottle - pretty though.............The scenery as you looked out over the water was amazing!!

Our next stop was Gander (stop over and re-fuelling airport for many international flights) - Many of you will remember the Arrow Plane Crash ...............Later.


Thanks Win

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