Monday, October 26, 2009

Win's Road Trip

When we left off yesterday we were in the Dungeons Provincial Park (just S/E of Bonavista) and there was a horse head in the back seat of our car - The first couple of Pics. today will explain where the park got it's name!! .....Our daughter Colleen and her husband who are teachers have their summers off and Colleen would love to spend her time at that cottage with the white balcony by the ocean and when their working days are over move there permanently - do you think she likes Newfoundland??

The photo with the old dory upfront and the quilts in the background, hanging on the line - this is typical of the Maritimes as making quilts are a major pass-time and money-maker - the time, effort and results are remarkable!! My wife, Ann, just couldn't resist and finally succumbed by buying one in Digby, Nova Scotia later on in our trip!! - Now I have to tiptoe around our bedroom!!

We had pre-booked our accommodations for a cottage in a town called Elliston - being a cottage we a little worried about what to expect - it ended up being about 8 months old and just what anyone would want - a beautiful view of the ocean to boot!! - An old Masonic Hall was converted into a restaurant and we tried a meal called a "Jigg's Dinner" - not bad, but a little salty!!

This town's claim to fame is their "Root Cellars", there has got to be hundreds of them - I would imagine a great way to store food both in winter and summer - in days of old, of course!!

Close by there was an area where the puffins (a totally unique bird) gathered, but unfortunately not the day we were there (probably out fishing) - a little disappointing but we got to see plenty later on at Bay Bulls/Witless Bay south of St.John's.


Thanks Win

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