Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Win's Road Trip

We arrived in a beautiful little spot named Trinity and the prominent building was definitely the Anglican Church, I may be a church absentee but I must admit this place was really impressive!!.............This building is really large so church-goers must come in from parts unknown because there is no way that the people of this little town of Trinity could possibly put a dent in the seating available!!

Every building was well kept and impressive...........When we finished lunch at the wharf restaurant I went outside in time to see the arrival of a cage of live lobster..............When I inquired as to where they had originated I was told that they came from the Provincial Fishery and they had been paid for!!.............Maybe so, but I couldn't help thinking that lobster season had just finished a week or so before and the guy I was talking to owned the restaurant that I just finished eating at and he had a boat and he was dressed like a ..............Well you get the idea!!

The last photo shows a large building (for that area) - it's claim to fame is that it is the first brick building ever build in Newfoundland!!

The next day we did some backtracking to a cute little harbour named Plate Cove and visited an amazing wild beluga whale - I'll explain later.


Thanks Win

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