Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Win's Road Trip

While we were at The Dungeons we got talking to a couple and their two daughters (about 8 and 12) - Colleen gave them apples to feed the horses -

They asked us if we had seen the beluga whale at Plate Cove and went on to explain that they shook a rope in the water that was tied to a dory and the sound had attracted this whale who slowly swam over to the kids and they were petting his head - he just kept hanging around as no doubt he was enjoying himself!!

Well the next day we took a drive over hoping to meet this 12 foot long friendly creature. We shook the rope and sure enough within a minute or so he/she came over. We were told by a fisherman on the dock that this little guy had been around for a couple of weeks as obviously there was lots of fish in the harbour to keep him busy and would probably be around for six weeks or so!! Also we were told that he was most likely in his fifth year as by the sixth they become a brilliant white and keep that colour forever!!

We stayed over in Bay Bulls /Witless Bay and from the deck of our motel we snapped photos of these ships - They obviously belong to the oil industry and supply everything that is required to the numerous oil rigs out on the open ocean!! -

Don't know what happened to the helicopter - landing pad empty, it never did show up!! ...........The next morning we drove to St. John's where we had pre-booked at the Battery Hotel (at the base of Signal Hill) - However we did return to Witless Bay a couple of days later to take a whale watching boat tour (with good results!!)

In the lobby of the Battery Hotel there is mention of an Irish abbot, St.Brendan, who apparently sailed to Newfoundland in an ox-hide boat in the year 550 AD.............I asked around but no one could give me any details (I guess none of them were around back then!!) .....I would imagine that if there is documented prove that this is factual then documents would be on hand over in Ireland!!...........If true then the first European arrived about 500 years before the Vikings and 1000 years before Christopher Columbus!! - Go figure!!


Thanks Win

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