Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Custom Fine Jewelry

Thanks for the invitation to put some of my things on your blog.

I've been going more and more towards linking to my blog because there I keep current links to both of my shops and any other special things that are going on with my work, etc. my tagline of "just beautiful wearable art" goes to my Etsy link and "behind the gallery view" goes to my blog.

Click on the Links below to view the selection of unique jewelry..

I'll put some full size images together. I resize my art images all to 1000 px square because this is the format that the art shops use online...I know you mentioned a different size and if these don't look good on your blog, I can easily resize them.

Thanks Karen,

You have some great looking pieces of Jewelry at very reasonable prices.

I hope some of our blog visitors take a look at your work.

We have a Link in the left side bar to Karen's web site.

Marty N

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