Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dupuis Freres

Pat and I would like to thank Normand for digging up the old ad of Dupuis Freres. It was quite a thrill for Pat as her grandfather (James Duke) moved to Montreal in the 1930's to take over as controller for the company. Pat's mom and 3 of her uncles were born in Rosedale New York while her Uncle Bill was born in Montreal.

James, the youngest American born, and Bill, the only Canadian born, had an ongoing competition over who came from the best country. Bill had a Canadian flag over his bedroom door while James flew the American flag.

James was VP of marketing for Gillette - Papermate and now lives in Houston, Texas and Bill owned a major accounting firm in Cowansville. Bill still lives in the area.

For those who skied Glen Mountain (Bill also owned it) and passed Paramount Ave on their way to the slope then they passed in front of Bills house. The street was named for Paramount Pictures who filmed the movie "My side of the Mountain" on Bills land.

Thanks again Normand

P.S. Cute skating outfit Normand. And for those who are not aware ...... Dupuis Freres purchased Bromont Ski Resort in 1967 and turned it into a private resort for their employees. Pat and I have the distinction of being the last of the public to hold a wedding reception there.

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