Sunday, November 29, 2009

Offer of Assistance

Hi Folks,

I received the following email from a gentleman inquiring about the well being of one of our comrades. It appears that there is another secret Santa posing as John or vice versa (see John's email response to me).

I took the time to look at Mr. Gendron's sites and found them of interest to me and perhaps they will be to others from the Greater Greenfield Park Region which encompasses the Villages of Longueuil and Montreal.

Good afternoon,

I hope that you don't mind me contacting you in this way. I've been living in GPK for about 14 years, and seeing Santa pass by my place on the 24th since then. Over the past 7 years (the age of my eldest), we're kept a window open so that we can hear the music ahead of Santa's arrival. While most of us hustle the kids (now two of'em) outside to sit on Santa's lap and take pictures, the rest of us hustle the gifts from their hiding holes and under the tree to 'magically appear' there as Santa passes bye. Last year, we heard from a friend of a friend that Mr.Riley wasn't in the best of health and might not be doing the rounds for much longer. We wished him well last year on the 24th but have heard nothing since then. The city and borough offices have no information about this unofficial event, which has been going on since I was a child myself. I was wondering if you knew anything about the health of Mr.Riley and, of course, Santa. Any information would be much appreciated. Is he planning on bringing the magic again this year? Does he need help raising funds? Organizing? Anything goes.

Many thanks
Marc Gendron

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John R's response....


Merry Christmas. There's nothing wrong with my health except for a low dose of sanity. I wondered whether that Mr. Gendron was serious because I have had nothing to do with that GPK Xmas tradition except for taking a few photos last year or the year before.

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