Sunday, November 08, 2009

Unexpected UV Source

There are 2 parts I forwarded to watch. Http: youtube addresses below.

The excessive UV light emitted by 20% of these new light bulbs looks like it has a real effect on skin, and maybe other effects as well.

Unless I miss my guess, there will be changes in how they are constructed and the meantime if it comes up with your clients, you can quote the report as just what it is: investigative reporting hopefully stimulating more info and research to follow...but skin sensitive people and melanoma and other skin survivors survivors should stay away from these devices

In theory, the bulbs should also increase vitamin D levels and that might be a good thing for preventing other cancers.......lots of questions...too few answers

Subject: Fluorescent light bulbs

Following are the links to the videos on the fluorescent light bulbs discussed yesterday – concerning stuff.

Thanks Margaret W.

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