Monday, November 02, 2009

Win's Road Trip

We headed out onto open ocean after seeing the puffins, within a few minutes we could see some splashing going on up ahead - Colleen and I both had our cameras clicking and I would say that being there and being rapped up in the moment we must have taken a hundred shots between us!!

You will notice that one photo shows a cow with her calf...........The mother had to be a good 40 to 45 ft. long and her calf was around 25 ft. - Just amazing to see them swimming along together with the calf never leaving her side!!

Just as the boat captain decided to head to shore a very rare happening took place - a fair distance away from us a smaller species of whale started to breach (come totally out of the water) making for really large belly flops!! - The captain figured there were two or three of them and chances where that schools of fish close to the surface had the whales coming up from under - taking a mouth full of fish then plunging back into the ocean!! ..........The boat captain said he had been doing this job for eleven years and this was only the second time he had witnessed whales breaching and that we should consider ourselves extremely lucky ..... We felt that about our whole stay in Newfoundland!!

When we reached shore there was a elderly lady there with her Newfoundland dog - I think he was bigger than she was!!

There was a Government Ocean Research Center not far away and these seals put on a show for us - keep in mind they are wild creatures - not trained in anyway!!

All in all quite a day!! - Later.............Win

Thanks Win

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