Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Before leaving on the trip someone mentioned that having a cod dinner at Ches's in St.John's is a must, well I'll tell ya, don't expect fine dining but the food was exceptional!! A few days later on our way back to Port aux Basque we stayed overnight in Stevensville and at their small family diner we had another go-around with cod that turned out to be even better than Ches's if that's possible!!

We headed south of St. John's to Cape Spear, the most easterly point in all of North America - I threw a rock toward Ireland and a few minutes later a Danny Macaskill threw it back so I guess there's some truth to the statement that it's only a "stone's throw" away!! ...........The photo of the shore line is the definite land's end!!

There is quite a history concerning the expectation of German attack during World War Two - photos of huge gun placements etc. will explain.......... Well as we all know the Germans never did attack but a German submarine did surface off the coast of Labrador back in 1943 and set up a weather station on the rocky shoreline to transmit North American weather conditions to help predict weather patterns in Europe in coming days.......A couple of Canadian Government land surveyors came across the weather station in the 1950's. - ........... The wall map shows how Cape Spear is determined to be the land mass furthest East.

Cape Spear is really interesting and definitely worth the time to visit!!


Thanks Win

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