Friday, November 13, 2009

Win's Road Trip

The first photo shows the Halifax to Dartmouth Ferry, this service has been around for a long time even though the Dartmouth Bridge has existed for decades!! The Gray Line City Bus runs just about everywhere and you will note that "Alexander Kieth's Brewing Company" is prominently advertised!! This beer has been brewed in Halifax since 1820 and has the same impact (sponsorship wise) on the population as does Molson in Quebec or Labatt's in Ontario & Western Canada.

The downtown core is really getting impressive - much more so than my last visit in the "80's. - The Halifax Citadel (Historic Fortress) was, at one time, the center of attention but I would say that the harbour area has now taken over!!

The Maxwell's Plum English Pub was a fun place and Ann bought me the most amazing beer dispenser there (for my birthday) - There are three streets in a row coming down from the Citadel that have places of entertainment (Kinda reminded me of George St. in St.John's, Nfld.)

Tomorrow, the Titanic Graveyard!!


Thanks Win

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