Thursday, November 19, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Upon leaving Lunenburg (Atlantic Ocean side of Nova Scotia) we briefly pondered with the idea of driving to Yarmouth and catching the ferry to Bar Harbor, Maine but decided against it as:

No. 1 - We would have missed seeing all the towns and villages on the N.S. and N.B. sides of the Bay of Fundy

2 - The regular ferry has been replaced by a huge catamaran reducing the crossing time to three and a half hours from six - apparently you don't feel

the effects of waves as the "CAT" skims the surface of the water but the vibration causes a lot of sea-sickness!!

3 - We were in no rush to get any place and the cost of the crossing with a car was pricey!!

So we drove West to the Bay of Fundy and the first town we stopped at was Digby (which also has a ferry crossing to St.John, N.B.) Again, we decided to stay with the highways. We had lunch at a really nice cafe and our server explained to us that the photo of the lobster was taken some time ago and from what she was told the old gent, or lady, was returned to the sea to hopefully live out a long life. Digby was also the town where Ann ended up buying a quilt (after seeing them all over Newfoundland) It almost bankrupted us but I knew her day had been made from the smile on her face (very important when you're in a car with a person for a month!!)

Annapolis Royal was the next town on the route - it seemed to us that whenever we arrived anywhere the tide was out and we could see a lot of things that only hours earlier or later would be covered over by water!! We visited a tidal generating plant (the only one in North America) this will give you some idea as to just how powerful these tidal changes are in the Bay of Fundy!!)

The whitecaps in the water is the tide continuing to recede - the mud flats were obviously at extremely low tide, just amazing to look at!!

Annapolis Royal is a quaint little place, well worth the visit!!

We stayed in Amherst, N.S. overnight and arrived in a beautiful fishing village named Alma, in New Brunswick, the next morning!!


Thanks Win

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