Saturday, November 21, 2009

Win's Road Trip

The village of Alma was busy for such a tiny place - You will notice a welder repairing a clam and oyster dragger at the back of a boat - the large amount of fishing boats at the dock was surprising, I'm attaching photos of just a few!!

Again, we were visiting at low tide - I guess we will have to go back some time at high tide to realize the difference!!

We took a drive out to the Cape Enrage Lightstation - the view was simply dazzling!! On our way I stopped to take a photo or two of an old school house - most likely a beehive of activity back in the 20's, 30's and 40's - I took a stroll around to the back (getting burrs on my clothes and bites on my skin) but my trusty camera got this shot of what was, I would imagine, the most important building on the property, the legendary two-hole outhouse - this dwelling could, I'm sure, either make or break your day of study and play!!

It was explained to me by a park ranger at Hopewell Rocks that the gulfstream coming up the Atlantic coast make a drastic turn at the top of the state of Maine and empties the equivalent of all the fresh water in the world into the Bay of Fundy - six hours coming in and six hours going out twice daily!!

Our next stop was the City of Saint John, N.B. and the "Reversing Falls"......................


Thanks Win

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