Sunday, November 22, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Before we leave the tiny village of Alma I must show this photo of a stone plaque proudly stating that the very first female Sea Captain in North America and only the second in the whole world was from "Alma" and she received her papers back in 1939 ..... her name - Myrtle Kool, her dad was also a captain - I guess it kinda runs in the family!!

St. John, N.B. is a port city on the shores of the Bay of Fundy and appears to be built on rock formations which, I would imagine, makes it difficult to have basements under any the structures. - This cruise ship must have just docked as within a few minutes of me snapping this photo the streets were full of tourists speaking many different languages (all Greek to me however).

I'm attaching a photo of an information poster telling the story of the Reversing Falls - pretty interesting stuff - at certain times of the day and night the tides change and the water reverses itself and the viewing is simply fantastic - apparently at night there are spotlights lighting up a certain area of the water and the results are amazing!!

The next day we carried on to St. Andrews-By-The-Sea - a real treat!!


Thanks Win

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