Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Win's Road Trip

We stayed overnight just south of Calais and got an early start the next morning for Bar Harbor (notice I dropped the "u") - really nice place but not much in the way of a harbour - Tied up at the dock was a ferry called the "Atlanticat" - It probably sails up and down the northern section of the U.S. coast and it probably looks like a smaller version of the large "Cat" that travels between Yarmouth 'N.S. and Bar Harbor.

I'm attaching a photo of the docking area of the "cat" which is the arrival and departure dock for the three and a half hour sailing to Yarmouth, N.S.

The next day we left for Booth Bay Harbor - my next door neighbour highly recommended that we visit there as he and his wife have been going there for a number of years and just love the place ........................ He's with the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) so I wasn't going to argue with him!!


Thanks Win

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