Thursday, November 26, 2009

Win's Road Trip

We took the train into Boston from the outskirts as we were told it was the safest and cheapest way to spend time in the city................Boston apparently is known as the fender bender capitol of the U.S. - very few big accidents but a whole lot of smaller ones - for instance, we were told that nobody uses directional lights as that would be giving information to the enemy!! - So it cost us four bucks to park at the train station in Salem and another five or six for the train trip into the city....the parking alone downtown would have been triple that at least and when you don't know the city, well you know what that's like..................The train actually pulls into the underground of the TD Gardens (formerly Boston Gardens) - funny how TD (Toronto Dominion Bank) wouldn't spend that kind of money in Canada - I would imagine that it's money made in Canada that's taken to the States to buy up whatever - great corporate citizens they are eh!!

We wanted to tour around the city in one of those "DUCKS" but they are so popular we would have had to wait up to four hours so we ended up taking a two day pass with Grey Line Bus Tours - covers the City, harbour cruise, Cambridge and Salem - overall I think we lucked out with Grey Lines. The photo of the Copper Pot, I would imagine, is a reminder of the Boston Tea Party - now I like a cup of tea as much as the next guy but to start a war over it - I think not!!!! - The tour operator mentioned that at one time Boston had seven major piano manufacturers and now only Steinway and Sons survive!! - The bus tour has seven major stops on it's route and it is suggested that you take the whole route and things are explained to you as you travel along and on the second loop around you can get off in the area you are most interested in and then get back on and off as many times as you wish (until you're totally exhausted) ...................Our first choice was Boston Common and the Public Gardens - really pretty and enjoyable to spend time at - I also knew that it was a short walking distance to my watering hole "CHEERS".

Guess what we are covering Tomorrow??


Thanks Win

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