Friday, November 27, 2009

Win's Road Trip

Some television watchers like Coronation Street while others like Friends or Seinfeld or or or - Well my favourite of all time was and is Cheers please bear with me while I replay my visit there!!

You will notice that the first few photos are almost exactly the same as what the T.V. show represented and the wooden Indian was where you would expect to find it, however after that you are directed upstairs to where they have more or less duplicated the Shows setting!! .................You will have to forgive me for sticking my face in so many of these photos but at the time Ann insisted that she have the camera and I was to follow instructions ................ I figured if I kept her happy I may be able to stay for a second or third pint of brew - It worked!! - The walls are just covered with pics. of the cast members and there is of course a gift shop that sells just about everything with Cheers printed on!!

You will notice that I was able to sit on Norm`s famous stool and I had a good conversation with the bartender - I called him Woody and he retorted that he`d like to have a buck for every time he`s heard that - he looked a little ticked off!!

Next to me were a bunch of people (not including Cliff Claven) ...................They were speaking French so of course I had to find out the story here...................It turns out there were seven brothers and their wifes and three sisters and their husbands all travelling together from Mont-Joli, a small town located on the St. Lawrence River between Rimouski and Matane ..................Now the guy I was talking to, of course had to introduce me to the whole group when he found out I was from Ontario - he went on to explain that they all grew up with English television available to them and, like me, they all enjoyed watching Cheers. - He also mentioned that he was one of seventeen children and that he was either the 8th or 9th in line, he wasn`t sure because they were all born at home and he has a twin - in the excitement and confusion at the time of birth no one was sure which of the two boys was born first!! - That was worth a laugh!!

Those of you who watched Cheers and enjoyed the show will, I think get a kick out of these photos and to those of you who couldn`t care less, I apologize and I`ll try to do better tomorrow!!


Thanks Win

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