Sunday, November 29, 2009

Win's Road Trip

The first photo today is a delivery sign for M.I.T. located right next to a dumpster - sorry but that is the only prove I have that I was outside the Mass. Institute of Technology - the next pic. however is one of the entrances to the famous school.

The remaining photos today are all of Harvard University and some of the surrounding streets and buildings - I was going to jump off the trolley and run around the campus for a minute or so just to say I'd been to Harvard, but the look I got from Ann (you know, the one that says " you'd better not embarrass me in front of these people") - Well I thought better of it and stayed put!!

These two universities put Cambridge on the map and the campuses and surroundings just reek of money and success - Kinda like our alma mater, old "Royal George High School" dans la Province de Quebec!!

Tomorrow - Salem and witchcraft!!


Thanks Win

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