Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Wishes

OK we've gone high tech. Instead of writing and sending alot of cards this year, we decided to convey our best wishes to folks who's friendship we value via email. It may be modern - it may even be considered tacky in some quarters, but the wishes are no less sincere. Merry Christmas and may 2010 be wonderful for you and yours. We are appending a Christmas Letter and photo of us in Panama last Christmas. Mavis & Gus Richardson

Christmas Letter – 2009

It has oft been said that the older you get, the faster time seems to fly. As 2009 draws to a close, we can attest to the validity of that claim.

We began the year at our new home in Panama, and are pleased to report that we are delighted with the results of our warm-weather adventure. There is much positive to be said about sitting on your outdoor terrace in your underwear in January. We are not sure that the neighbours were as pleased with that as we were.

We arrived in Chitre in early December and the sun shone every day until our departure in late April. Our fellow residents, both Panamanian and Canadian, were gracious and membership in the golf club brought us many benefits. Over the winter we visited with people from England, the USA, France, Israel, Italy and Canada – so we felt quite cosmopolitan hunkered down in rural Panama. The country is modern, progressive and welcoming; all of which are positive factors for snowbirds. We very much appreciate the new friendships established in our winter haven.

Actually it took weeks to readjust once we got home. Once we reacclimatized however, we had a wonderful summer. The weather was great and we kept active with friends and family. The days were full and happy, although it was hard for Gus to cope with dwindling skills in an already marginal golf game. Many friends and family visited, and we enjoyed their company. Sadly 2009 took some loved ones away. They will be missed.

Justin gave Keitha a party marking a significant birthday in late May, and it was one of a number of trips to the coast that Mavis and Gus have taken. Each time a highlight is to check up on the progress of Marin and Bjorn, both of whom are bright and happy grandchildren much loved by their families. To watch them grow and adapt to this world is delightful.

Brendan and Ink Young will be moving to Korea for a time in December. Brendan wants to work there and continue to write. His satirical story about the impact of the Olympics represents an ample sample of his comedic skill, and he has recently shopped it to possible publishers. Danielle has changed jobs and remains very happy in Calgary. In late September Muriel, Mavis’ mom, decided to move to Peachland with us and we are pleased that she seems content with her decision.

We won’t be spending quite as much time in Panama this year, but we shall try to get down for some of the winter. We still want to put some finishing touches on the house, so it won’t be all play. The Panamanian contractors value our input, advice and assistance (which we convey to them in our beautiful classical Spanish dialect) and have indicated that they are anxious to see us again.

No matter what, we know that our respective agendas will be full; life seems to offer too little time and too much to do. We continue to celebrate that fact and recognize the good fortune with which life has provided us. Life is so much better when boredom isn’t an option.

We hope that you have had good fortune as well and that your lives continue to be cause for celebration. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2010.

Mavis and Gus Richardson

Thanks Gus & Mavis

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