Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Father Marc - my friend

Father Marc in Roz's kitchen

I would like to thank Normand for sending in the Gazette clipping of Father Marc Mignault. It is about time that Marc received recognition, how ever little, for his work. My sister Rosalyn worked with Marc for many years, it is he who started calling me Father Bob.

In my opinion there is no greater man than a man who has no religious, ethnic or cultural prejudices.... Marc is that man.

Over the years Marc has performed many funeral services for the family, it has been a split between Protestant and Catholic services and never did he stray from the belief that God welcomes all mankind.

Marc presided over the services for my Uncles Walter and Pat both of whom had rejected their Catholic faith. He presided over my dad's funeral, a man who had returned to the fold. He presided over my Mother's funeral an Ecumenical Protestant who would not have wanted anyone else. Marc presided over my grandmother, a staunch anti-Catholic, and she would not have wanted it any different.

There are many Parkers who know, love and remember Marc with great affection and will be pleased to see him recognized for his devoted works.

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