Saturday, December 12, 2009

New photo from State Dinner surfaces

In the latest series of events surrounding the Obama administrations first state dinner a new photo of the Silahi's has appeared. It seems that the Silahi's were not the only ones to breach White House security, Canadian Super Sleuth Mron Dramis aka "The Cleanup Man" was there and, true to his moniker, went undetected.

As a result of this latest revelation security staff will be required to watch video's of Scandinavian beauties for two weeks in the hope of desensitizing them into thinking with "the head on their shoulders". In the meantime organizers of State functions will have to spend two weeks as volunteers on the Ellen Show, the Letterman Show and, in addition, will be required to watch two weeks of video's showing the complete works of Shakespeare. It is hoped that after this training they will be able to identify the difference between a talk "show host" and a "thespian".

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