Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not for the weak of heart...

You have to watch this.... amazing!!

And they can't find Ben Laden??? B

C-130 Night shift in Iraq

This is so we can sleep at night. Unbelievable!

130 Night shift in Iraq .......AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll have to watch this... it's unreal, 2.5 miles away, at night and it looks like they are right there. Heck of a weapon ..

The pictures were taken from an AC130 Specter gunship two and a half miles away.

The guys in the picture are setting up a roadside bomb and planning to ambush an American convoy which followed a short while after the pictures were taken.

They were setting up for the ambush and were pacing off the distance from the bomb to where the convoy was to pass by.

Turn your sound up. The level of effort these crews put forth to control the enemy's antics is commendable, and their marksmanship with those electronically controlled 40mm cannons is astounding.

Thanks Ivan R.

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