Saturday, December 05, 2009

Our Garage Sale Loon

Now I don't know about you folks but Pat and I enjoy garage sales. We are always in search of that special purchase that will bring us millions on the Antique Roadshow. Well not really, we mostly look for toys and clothes for the grandkids however, I on the other hand will purchase things that strike my fancy. It could be a painting, a carving or just some decorative piece of scrap metal.

Well folks here is a wood carving of a Loon that I purchased for $2.00 about 7 or 8 years ago. Why? Because (A) I love the call of the Loon (B) it was carved from pine (C) it was signed (D) it had the Canadian Expo 86 sticker on it....... So What???..... (E) it annoyed Pat

After sitting in our living room for 2 or 3 years Pat wanted to put it in our garage sale. I, of course said no, it could be worth something some day. So into a box it went and now come out only for the Christmas season. It is displayed on the fireplace hearth for maybe 4 weeks a year.

Today as I walked past my favorite garage sale purchase (only because it ticked Pat off) I though Hmmmm I wonder if the artist is on the internet... Lo and Behold there he was...... now my favorite Loon is not worth millions but, the artist is well known and a piece sold on the net for 20 times what I paid.

Now this is what poor Looney is reduced to today.

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