Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Special Thanks to Marc Gendron

It is with great appreciation, and humility, that I respond to Marc Gendrons inquiry on Greenfield Parks Special Santa. If not for Marc, we the disenfranchised, would not be aware of this tradition.

"Bravo Marc" for bringing this to our attention.

A sincere "Thank You" must go out to David and Patsy Hague for their involvement in this "Special Event". Marc has expressed his joy at this memorable undertaking and the joy it has brought to his children. Let us not allow this moment to go unrewarded.

Please contact David and Patsy in support of their efforts

Thanks Bernie C. for pointing us in the right direction

Response from Marc G.

Many thanks for posting my email, and for letting me know of the reply. We shall make an endeavor at being at Stotty'z on that date..and see what other help we can give from there. Thanks again.

Marc Gendron

Moderator of: Cafe Montreal Design E-Group : Networking: It really IS who you know

My Portfolio: http://design-generation.daportfolio.com

Merci Beau coup Marc G. a friend of Greenfield Park

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