Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year-end comments.

Hi Folks, it is the end of our fourth year on this blog. It has been a fun year for me and with the addition of Bob H. he’s added a new dimension. I am hoping that we will come up with some new ideas for 2010.

We want to offer a very special thanks to Normand S. for bringing us news of our hometown. Those of us that live elsewhere sure appreciate seeing and hearing about Greenfield Park today. There are still many GPKers that still live there and they visit the blog daily to see the posts that have been sent in.

One thought I had was those of us that live in other towns could take pictures and send stories of interesting sights and post them so that the people could see other parts of the country.

Also thanks to all of you for sending interesting items to post for all to see.

Everyone enjoys the vacation pictures and stories that are sent in from time to time. We know that there are still a lot of you that have an old shoebox filled with photos from years ago. If you don’t have the ability to scan them into your computer, you could send them to Bob H. or Normand S.

I know some of you have done that in the past and both guys have promptly returned the originals.

We have to thank Doug G. for the immense effort he has put into the virtual trip. He has taken some well-deserved time off and we hope to see his return in 2010

We hope to continue this blog into 2010 but that depends on you and your submissions to the blog. Without your submissions this blog will die.

We wish you all a Healthy and Happy 2010

Bob & Marty

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