Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ball Brothers synchronized swim and dive team perform in Pennsylvania

From L to R: Flossy Hawkins, Fleur de Lit, Violet Lips, Twinky Smit, Dandy Lion,
Rosey O' D, Dinky Dee, Legs Lockhart, Bashful Williams, Tutti Twain,
Jiffy Crane, Goldie Simard and Twin Butts
Canadian Dive specialist Flossy Hawkins

Cove Haven Honeymoon Resort September 1967

The State Champion Ball Brothers Synchronized Swim and Dive team performed their World famous vertical pirouette and inverted scissor lift much to the delight of the Honeymooners. Flossy Hawkins did his award winning triple wrist flip on the springboard before tripping over his flip flops and losing his false teeth in the pool.

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